Speech Therapy Telepractice in Colorado Springs

What is teletherapy?

At Therapies of the Rockies Speech and Physical Therapies, we’ve adopted telepractice as part of our treatment planning. This new kind of speech technology allows us to connect with patients, whether they are near our Colorado Springs office or across the state. Telepractice uses computers to connect children, families, and teachers to speech therapy from a distance. Using a standard web camera and online video connections, our therapists are able to provide speech therapy in the comfort of your home or school. It’s innovative — and very effective!

A combination approach

Not every patient is a good candidate for teletherapy, but we are happy use it whenever it is appropriate, in combination with standardized treatments at one of our facilities. A person’s education level, age, gender, and other characteristics may influence the appropriateness of audiology and speech-language services provided through telepractice, and we take these factors into account prior to recommending it in a treatment plan. Many people find this type of approach is very appealing, as it involves less travel time but still delivers positive results.
Child using computer with parent

Speech technology

So, what is needed for those who are interested in participating in teletherapy as part of their treatment plan? It’s actually pretty simple. This speech technology format requires access to a computer, a webcam, and a headset or phone to connect with one of our certified speech therapists. That’s all! It’s an inexpensive setup, and many people already have the items needed to connect for a session. Please contact us to make an appointment to see if teletherapy may be an approach that would work for you or your child.
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